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Unlock the World of Makeup Design Mastery

Welcome to the gateway of innovation in makeup artistry. Liza Kondrevich, a distinguished luminary in the realm of makeup designing and face charts, invites you to explore a world of endless possibilities. With an international footprint, Liza extends her expertise and offers her artistry to enthusiasts and professionals alike.

  • Masterclasses (global bookings): Embark on a transformative journey into the captivating world of face chart makeup design with Liza Kondrevich. Book Liza for tailor-made masterclasses that will unlock boundless artistry within your team or students. From the bustling streets of Tokyo to the chic studios of London and the glamour of L.A., Liza's masterclasses promise an unforgettable, valuable experience.
  • Training Programs (global bookings): Elevate your artistry teams to unprecedented heights with the unparalleled skills, knowledge, and techniques imparted by Liza Kondrevich. Let Liza personally train your teams to master precisely what they need to excel, aligning seamlessly with your company's vision. Our training programs come with the coveted endorsement of the industry's most esteemed expert.
  • Licensing Opportunities (online): Calling all makeup school owners! Unlock a world of possibilities by collaborating with us to license Liza's prestigious MDA™ Online Course for your institution. Empower your students with the profound wisdom of a makeup design virtuoso. Let Liza's legacy of excellence become a cornerstone of your school's curriculum.
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Elevate Your Brand Aesthetics

For brands and corporations seeking a touch of artistic brilliance, Liza Kondrevich offers contract-based solutions that transcend the ordinary.

  • Face Chart Designs: Transform your brand's identity with bespoke face chart designs, spot on with your branding, that captivate your audience and highlight your product range. Great for internal communication.
  • Makeup Designs: Elevate your product launches with innovative makeup designs that redefine beauty trends and set your brand apart. Contact us for and be amazed how beneficial and efficient this works out for your corporation.
  • Look Books: Craft exquisite look books that narrate your brand's story in a visually compelling way, leaving an indelible impression.
  • Creative Decks for Internal Use: Empower your teams with creative decks that inspire and inform. Liza's artistry extends beyond the canvas to invigorate corporate visions.
  • Training Programs for Artistry Teams: Elevate your in-house artistry teams with tailored training programs curated by the industry's finest.

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Where Artistry Meets Influence

At the intersection of artistry and influence, Liza Kondrevich's creative energy knows no bounds. If you're an influencer or a forward-thinking brand, join hands with us for dynamic collaborations that redefine beauty standards.

  • Paid Collaborations: Craft captivating content with Liza. Harness the power of social media and beyond to showcase your brand's identity and products, under the guidance of a true makeup design maestro.
  • Win Win Opportunities: Experience the perfect synergy of creativity and commerce. If you have a great win-win opportunities to offer where both your brand and Liza Kondrevich can flourish, let's collaborate, and watch our influence and reach soar, all while elevating the world of beauty to new heights.


Makeup Design Meets Business

Calling all cosmetic manufacturers and beauty brands seeking unparalleled promotion. Liza Kondrevich is your gateway to captivating sponsor deals that elevate your products to the pinnacle of the beauty industry.

  • Cosmetic Sponsorships: Partner with Liza to showcase your latest eyeshadow palettes or makeup tools with unmatched finesse. Witness your products come to life through the artistry of a true virtuoso.
  • Fine Art Sponsorships: Explore the synergy of art and beauty. Collaborate with Liza to breathe life into your fine art products, capturing hearts and imaginations.

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