What is MDA™?

MDFA is Makeup Designer Facechart Academy, a complete online course with in depth, detailed PRE RECORDED video lessons teaching the art of Makeup Designing based on facechart techniques. As an extra, a wealth of Q&A video sessions from previous classes is included.

When can I Join MDA™?

We can only allow a limited number of students at once. When we reach our limit you can enter our waitlist for new students! Whenever a seat is available you'll get notified.

How much time does this course take?

The course duration is 6 weeks, pre recorded video lectures are released drip-wise each week, a couple of hours a week is required. Of course, you can work at your own pace, and the Q&A sessions are pre-recorded with founding students.

What if I think I don't have time for MDA™?

It is A LOT of content, but you'll have a full year access to go through the course matter. Within that year you can watch as many times as you like. Learn at your own pace,.

I already have The Book, should I still join?

MDFA™ goes way beyond that, a small part of the material will already be familiar, namely the basics. But there is an abundance of new, advanced face chart techniques and the designer part as well.

MDFA™ is the highest level of facechart and makeup designing education.

update: The current students who have the book LOVE the new course so much and the progress goes beyond the wildest expectations!!

For who is this course?

Makeup Designer Academy is designed for Makeup Artists as a powerful addition to their Makeup education. While renowned makeup schools spend a day at max teaching just some facechart basics and focus more on application, MDA goes deep into this essential matter. The valuable knowledge MDA™ withholds will change your game of makeup forever, regardless of your current level of skills.

Makeup Designer Academy helps you to reach your next level in makeup if:

  • You are already firmly walking the path to becoming a successful makeup artist.
  • You are a professional makeup artist who is always looking to improve your knowledge and skills.
  • You are absolutely seasoned in the makeup industry, of the highest level, and understand the importance of this valuable knowledge like no one else. You know what I'm talking about.

Does MDFA™ teach me how to apply makeup to the skin?

NopeMDFA™ teaches how to design makeup looks on paper. It's a professional addition to MUA education. It doesn't teach how to apply makeup to your skin, or anyone else's.

It does teach essential knowledge any makeup passionate should know, about light, shadow, facial features, and blending colors.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

When can I expect results?

If you put in the effort and hard work, you'll be amazed by the results even after the first few lessons. If you like, check out STUDENT RESULTS on the course's Instagram here:


How can I join MDA?

Click the button below to start this game changing journey.