What is the essence of make-up?

As a make-up artist, you might have considered facecharting to be a mere basic lesson in makeup school - something less important, a necessity that you needed to learn before moving on to skin application. In fact, most makeup artists share the same idea and never think of it again.

However, what if I told you that facecharting could hold the key to unlocking your full potential as a makeup artist, filling a secret gap in your education?

While my perspective may sound visionary or even crazy at first glance, it all boils down to one fundamental question: What is the true essence of make-up?

Have you ever pondered this question? The way I see it, the essence of makeup is to enhance appearance by mimicking light and shadow, empowered by strategically using color. While seemingly simple, these three elements hold a wealth of knowledge and techniques to explore.

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Do Face Charts hold secret knowledge?

During my years as an artistry trainer, and through the publication of the face chart book, as well as the seminars and masterclasses I've conducted, I have witnessed the transformative power of embracing this unique aspect of makeup artistry. Although many artists may have dismissed face charting as unimportant or unnecessary, for obvious reasons, it has evolved into something much more in recent years.

Face charting is not merely about designing makeup or drawing with makeup. It delves deeply into color theory, light and shadow, blending skills, and enhances both the eye and hand's dexterity. It familiarizes you with products through practice, and fills a gap in your education that you may not even realize exists.

As a mentor, I've noticed a growing number of experienced makeup artists who advise aspiring artists to prioritize facechart techniques in their studies. They understand that facechart education is a valuable tool that can bridge the gap between theory, technique, and skin application.

By incorporating facecharting into your education, you can accelerate your growth as a makeup artist and bypass the trial and error that many seasoned artists have experienced. These techniques will help you efficiently reach your next level of mastery in makeup artistry.

How to unlock your full potential as a make-up artist?

It's time to shift the paradigm and realize that facecharting is not just a basic lesson but a valuable addition to your makeup education. By embracing this niche, you can transform your career and reach new heights in the industry.

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About The Author

Liza Kondrevich is a professional make-up artist, corporate designer, artistry trainer, bestselling author, and founder of Makeup Designer Academy, with over a decade of experience in the industry. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and helping aspiring makeup artists achieve their goals.

Through her seminars, masterclasses, and publications, Liza has become a respected authority in the field of makeup artistry, and her facecharting techniques have helped many artists fill in the missing gaps in their education and reach new levels of mastery.